National Coverage

At Black Electric Inc., we provide national coverage and service wherever you are located, or your project demands!

Impeccable Safety Record

At Black Electrical Inc.,  client and employee safety is our number one priority. This is why we have retained an impeccable safety record, throughout our company history!

Innovative Project Management

Project management takes a certain level of skill to execute properly. At Black Electric Inc. we aim to be innovative with our skill set and always delivering on complicated project scopes, within aggressive timelines.

Black Electric Inc.
Quality & Craftsmanship Experts

Black Electric is a national provider of commercial and residential electrical services. We are committed to providing long term, sustainable, energy solutions for large and small projects throughout the US.

In addition to offices in Phoenix and Des Moines, we provide commercial, industrial, data center and solar project services throughout the United States.

black electric
14 April 2020

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