Whether you are doing a first-time remodel or are a national home builder, Black Electric is your electrician of choice.  Your home is your oasis and powering it requires and understanding of your current and future needs.  We will be with you for the entire process to make your project a success.

  1. New Construction

    General Contractors utilize BEI as their electrician of choice because of our commitment to the project.  Construction timelines and budget management are paramount to successful builds.  Utilizing Black Electric’s team is a guarantee to meet your goals.

  2. Remodels

    Are you dreaming of a new kitchen, bathroom, or new back yard lighting?  The planning, design and building codes can be daunting. Costs can quickly get out of control if you don’t have experts to guide you. Utilizing the BEI team will alleviate the stress and confusion in realizing your dreams.

  3. Home Theater

    Designing and installing a new home theater requires an understanding of space capabilities and pricing.  We will assist you in products, design and power needs for installation.

  4. Solar

    As homes and business across the country transition to more and more solar energy, the cost has decreased significantly.  Residential solar systems are growing at a remarkable rate due to this and increased energy efficiency.  BEI has years of experience in installation to achieve your energy saving goals.

  5. Lighting Design

    BEI will assist you in identifying your requirements, determining the method, selecting the right equipment, and calculating the lighting parameters.  This is a process that requires extensive knowledge and experience to achieve your goals.

  6. Stand by Generators

    Prepare your home and protect your family with a standby home generator.  Spoiled food and candles don’t have to be the case if you take the time to invest in auxiliary power for your home.  BEI will walk you through the power load analysis, design, product selection, and installation.

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